Mid-Season pauses

Hey folks - Song by Song has been on hiatus, stilled stunned by our award win - but we are back next week with everyone's favourite Tom Waits/Crystal Gayle/Francis Ford Coppola collaboration - the oscar-nominated soundtrack One From The Heart!

One From The Heart was always going to be an unusual one to deal with - a studio album, so something we intended to discuss, but being so closely tied to the film, and featuring a lot of songs which seem so in service of Coppola's ideas, we wanted to do something a little different. But we weren't quite sure what.

The 'what' materialised at the British Podcast Awards when we bumped into Dave and Cathy, who'd just won Best New Podcast award for their show Cinemile - where the two review a film they've just seen on their walk back from the cinema. Quicker that you can say 'crossover episode', we decided that One From The Heart would be perfect for the Cinemile treatment - and next Wednesday, you can find out whether we were right!

This means May 31st will be Swordfishtrombones listening party night, and our Swordfshtrombones season kicks off on June 7th. We are very excited. Here are the dates for your diary:

  • May 24th: One From The Heart special episode (aka Season 8)
  • May 31st, 8pm: Swordfishtrombones listening party 
  • June 14th:  Season 9 - Swordfishtrombones kicks off

There's been some fantastic feedback on the show recently, and we're both really excited to continue this award-winningly-stupid project (did we mention we won an award? oh yeah...), so we hope you'll join us very soon.

Sam & Martin