British Podcast Awards - FOR THE WIN!

This week brought us to the end of our seventh season, but also gave us the utterly unexpected pleasure of a win at the British Podcast Awards! 



Sadly Sam was busy with family this weekend, but Martin proudly collected the award, accompanied by a small stuffed owl in lieu of his co-host.


We've mentioned in the past what a terrible idea this show is - two idiots talking about hundreds of songs armed only with enthusiasm for music, a little technical understanding and a lot of bad jokes - but it's incredibly gratifying to feel that there are people out there who think it's a worthwhile endeavour, and both the listeners as well as our peers seem to be willing to provide that endorsement.

So just a little note to say thank you for tuning in, sending in your comments and feedback, thoughts and support, and especially heartfelt thanks to all of our guests for giving their time and consideration to the show.

We'll be back with a different sort of show for season 8 very soon, and then will continue to work through the Waits catalogue Song by Song.


(that's the name of the show)