Song by Song is a podcast celebrating the music of Tom Waits.

Hosts Martin Zaltz Austwick and Sam Pay have set themselves the goal of listening to Tom Waits's back catalogue from beginning to end, and devoting each episode to discussing each track.  Both Martin and Sam are huge Waits fans, and each brings his own perspective on song-writing, as well as their own preferences in terms of Waits's varied musical styles.

Martin is a musician (The Sound of The Ladies, Martin Austwick), recovering physicist, academic and podcaster (Answer Me This, Brain Train, The Global Lab).  You can find out all you would ever want to know about him on his website, or tweet him @martinaustwick.

Sam is an actor/musician who works mostly in theatre. He's a pianist, accordionist and technically incompetent brass player who keeps his own songwriting as secretive as possible.  He lives in South London with his girlfriend and 5-year old daughter, at least one of whom listens to Tom Waits only under duress. Tweet him @sampay

Guest Hosts:

Jenny Conlee is an American musician best known as the keyboardist and accordionist for the band The Decemberists. She is also a composer for film and plays in many other groups including The Minus 5, Casey Neill and the Norway Rats, and Jerry Joesph to name a few. Find her at and @ConleeJenny

Charlie Harding is a songwriter, producer and host of the podcast Switched on Pop, produced by Vox media. Every week on the show he breaks down the making and meaning of popular music. You can listen to Switched on Pop at (or anywhere you get podcasts) and find him on Twitter @charlieharding

Simon Stephens is an English playwright. He's an Artistic Associate at the Lyric Hammersmith, inaugural Associate Playwright of Steep Theatre Company, Chicago, a Professor of Scriptwriting at The Writing School at Manchester Metropolitan University and the host of the Royal Court Playwright's Podcast. Find him @StephensSimon

David Shrubsole is a composer, lyricist, orchestrator and conductor. A graduate of the Trinity College of Music, he's worked on many productions, including Porgy & Bess, London Road and The Threepenny Opera with Simon Stephens. Find him at

Jeu Jeu la Foille is a burlesque maverick, clown and poet. She wrote a theatre show about Tom Waits and experimental brain surgery, that you can find out more about at Find her @JeuJeulaFoille

Scary Boots is a doctor of jelly physics and a comedian (you have to be with a specialism like that). Watch their comedy about science at, and find them on Twitter @schrodingerskit

Mary Epworth is an English singer, songwriter, and composer. Finder her on Twitter @maryepworth

Jenny Owen Youngs is an American singer-songwriter. She has released three albums and a handful of EPs, and among other things co-hosts the Buffering the Vampire Slayer podcast. Find her at or @jennyowenyoungs

Eliza Rickman is a singer/songwriter whose music was recently described by a fan as “Imagine if Snow White, Bjork and Stevie Nicks made a beautiful-ass baby”. She is known for her frequent work with “Welcome to Night Vale”, and her cover of “Riches and Wonders” was featured on the first season of “I Only Listen To The Mountain Goats”. Eliza resides in Los Angeles, where she enjoys making NSFW music videos. She is currently being a terror in the studio, mixing and editing a covers album with an expected release of late 2019. Find her @elizarickman

Greg Allison is a musician based in Los Angeles. He can be found most days searching for new sounds on his violin. He hopes that one day a film director will hear these sounds and ask him to come up with more sounds for a movie. For now he is quite content performing and recording his own compositions, working as a hired gun for other musicians, touring the world, and collaborating with his love and musical partner Eliza Rickman. Find him @gallis0n

Vanessa Lowe is an audio storyteller, musician, and dormant psychologist. She's the host and producer of the KCRW podcast, Nocturne, a storytelling show that explores the night and the landscape of the unseen.  You can find her at @nocturnepodcast and as well as @nesslowe

Kent Sparling is a man of mystery.

Kevin Smokler (@weegee) is the author of the book "Brat Pack America: A Love Letter to 80s Teen Movies" and the essay collection "Practical Classics: 50 Reasons to Reread 50 Books you Haven't Touched Since High School" (2013). He writes about music, movies and books for Salon, Buzzfeed, The Decider, Vulture and NPR and lives in in San Francisco with his wife and many books and records.

Matthew Crosby is a writer and comedian for hire. He's possibly best know as one third of the sketch team Pappy's, with whom he hosts the hit podcast, 'Flatshare Slamdown'. He recently co-created the panel show Hypothetical for the Dave channel. Find him @matthewcrosby

Gabriel Ebulue is a comedian, writer and the host & creator of The Three Track Podcast. Find him on twitter @GabrielEbulue

Lily Sloane is an independent producer in San Francisco. She debuted her podcast, A Therapist Walks Into a Bar in January 2016, wearing all hats from writing to narrating to editing to composing original music.  Lily is also host of the community radio show Radical Advice, a psychotherapist, a freelance composer and producer, as well as a musician who loves to take on too many creative projects. You can find her on Twitter @lilyrosesloane, @atwiabpod, and @radical_advice

Helen Sadler is co host of Flixwatcher and quiz team pal of Købi Omenaka. When not watching Netflix she also enjoys yoga, cycling, Antic pubs, music (especially Springsteen) and cats. For the record, her favourite Radiohead album is In Rainbows, her go-to karaoke song is Modern Love (Bowie) and for reasons unknown she has three copies of Tunnel of Love on vinyl. Find her on Twitter as @TheCatFilmFan

Jeremy Warmsley is a musician from London. He plays in Summer Camp with Elizabeth Sankey and writes music for film and TV. Find him at or @jwojwo

Heath Sledge is a writer and editor based in Chapel Hill NC. She lives with an hilarious 11-year-old son, a professional musician husband, and a very fluffy Akita, has five tattoos and four more planned, and can be found at and @marigolds where she shares Useful Writing Content and garbage memes in equal measure.

Robert Sledge began playing bass guitar at the age of eleven. His brother was playing guitar at his house so he also learned how to play the guitar at the same time. Before playing with Ben Folds Five he was bassist for the bands Toxic Popsickle and Lexx Luthor (with Godsmack's Sully Erna). He hasn't told us where you can find him... somewhere in Chapel Hill presumably...?

Ross Sutherland is a writer and filmmaker from Edinburgh. He wrote and presented BBC2's Missing Episode, and is a regular contributor to Radio 4's Short Cuts. He is also the writer/producer of the experimental writing podcast, Imaginary Advice. Find him at and @rossgsutherland

Phoebe Judge is the host & co-creator of the podcast Criminal. Her work in public radio has won multiple Edward R. Murrow and Associated Press awards. She attended the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, and can be found at and @PhoebeVJudge

Lauren Spohrer is the co-creator of the podcast Criminal. Before Criminal, Lauren was a producer at NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday and Bryant Park Project, and APM’s The Story with Dick Gordon. She has a Master’s degree in fiction writing from Columbia University, and is the founder of the online literary magazine Two Serious Ladies. Find her at and @laurenspohrer

Jon Ronson is a journalist, author, documentary filmmaker, screenwriter, and radio presenter. He has published many books, made several BBC and Channel 4 Television documentary films, and co-wrote the movies Frank and Okja. His new Audible podcast, The Butterfly Effect, can be heard for free through Apple Podcasts. Find him at and @jonronson

Eric Molinsky is a public radio reporter and producer, and the host of Imaginary Worlds, a podcast about science fiction and other fantasy genres. He also sketches people on the subway in NYC. Find him @emolinsky and @ImaginWorldsPod

Helen Zaltzman makes podcasts and many other things - mainly Answer Me This!, and The Allusionist, part of Radiotopia. She can also be found @helenzaltzman or @allusionistshow, or at

John Hodgman is a writer, comedian, and actor. He is the author of three books of fake facts and invented trivia, and is the host of the popular Judge John Hodgman podcast, where he settles serious disputes between real people, such as “Is a hot dog a sandwich?” and “Should we tell our children the TRUTH about Santa Claus.” Find him @hodgman

Købi Omenaka is a serial podcaster, podcast fan and manchild. He is a huge cinephile and music fan and loves to tell people all about the best films on Netflix via the podcast Flixwatcher along with co host Helen. Find him @Kobestarr

Joanna Neary is a Writer, Illustrator & Comedian. You can see her illustrations over at Standard Issue, a brilliant on-line magazine, and find her @MsJoNeary

Philippa Spanos works in TV broadcasting for the Food Network.  Due to an extreme phobia of modern technology, she cannot be found on Twitter.  In fact these podcasts might be the only electronic audible proof that she ever existed...

Married couple Dave and Cathy Cullen podcast their walk home from the movies. Their show The Cinemile was voted the UK's Best New Podcast at the British Podcast Awards 2017, and featured in The ObserverThe GuardianThe Irish Times and The Irish Examiner. Find them with weekly new episodes @thecinemile

Vera Chok makes fine, funny, & furious work, live & written. Connects folk. A fab actor. #SexPositive #intersectional #nonheteronormative feminist

Sarah Cook is very much not in the podcasting business, working for charities and social enterprises in London. She has a name too common for twitter, with a quiet account at @giveforribs

Miranda Zaltzman is a lawyer and real person. She's a bit busy dealing with her husband to be on twitter.

Andy Zaltzman is the original voice of The Bugle. He can pun for fun. You can hear Andy Satirising for hire around the world, ticket info via He can also be found scoring on Test Match Special and talking about cricket on the Cricket Sadist Hour podcast. See @hellobuglers and @ZaltzCricket

Kit Lovelace is a writer/journalist type, who mainly writes about pop music and media gossip. He also runs Romantic Misadventure – a live storytelling night about people's most horrifying dating disasters – which he plugs ceaselessly on Twitter as @kitlovelace

Jen Adamthwaite and Dave Pickering are writers and podcasters. The current story they're telling is The Family Tree, a magical realist drama about family, belonging, change and identity. Subscribe on itunes, visit the website, like their Facebook page or follow them @familytreepod

Elizabeth Sankey is so mysterious, she wouldn't send us a bio - but she's on the web at and can be found @sankles

Caspar Salmon writes about film and the arts, occasionally, for various publications. He lives in London, has a child, and tweets about all this, plus gay stuff, at @casparsalmon

Simon Renshaw works in Production & Development for some big film company and harps on about films with Sam Clements on the Picturehouse Podcast. Find him @SiRenshaw

Sam Clements is a film marketing person for Picturehouse Cinemas. He also records the Picturehouse Podcast with Simon Renshaw. You can find him @Sam_Clements

Callum Hughes is an actor, musician and writer, trained at Rose Bruford College where he specialised in American Theatre Arts. He is a founding member of Blind Tiger Theatre, and has had ten plays professionally produced on both sides of the atlantic. He is also a drummer, mediocre pianist, an ok guitarist, terrible bassist and passable ukelele player. He can be found @callumphughes or at 

Lucy Dallas is in Spirit of Play, who have featured on the Nature podcast, The Book Show, at the Green Man festival, Bethnal Green Working Mens Club and other less salubrious outlets... You can listen to them here and get in touch with them at

Jeffrey Cranor co-writes the hit podcast, novel and touring live show Welcome to Night Vale. He has also written more than one hundred short plays with the New York Neo-Futurists, co-wrote and co-performed a two-man show about time travel with Joseph Fink, and collaborated with choreographer (also wife) Jillian Sweeney to create three full-length dance pieces. Jeffrey lives in New York State, and can be found at and @happierman 

Andrea Solomon is a David Bowie obsessive who is currently trying to learn to love Tom Waits. She left an entirely unsuitable career in investment banking for a life working in children's healthcare and occasionally being mistaken for Tilda Swinton. If she ever returns to Twitter you'll find her @andreamaven

Catherine Hirst had a career as a writer and teacher before having a midlife crisis and returning to full-time university to study for a degree in psychology. She is singularly unqualified to appear on a music podcast, except perhaps for the years spent wage-slaving behind the counter of a record store in the States. Find her mostly retweeting other people's content on Twitter @craftyexpat

Isy Suttie is a comedian, actress and writer known for playing Dobby in Channel 4's Peep Show and for her Sony-award winning BBC Radio 4 show, Isy Suttie's Love Letters. Her first book, The Actual One, was published in January 2016. Find her at

Alice Sanders is a freelance writer. She writes articles, audio description, fiction and scripts. She's also an improviser who performs in several troupes including The AlphabettiesThe Pioneers and Whose Army. Follow her on Twitter @wernerspenguin

When she isn't 'umming' her way through a Tom Waits podcast, Anna Turrell works in sustainability. Now based in London after a stint in Asia, Anna tries to make the most of the capital's numerous gigs and performances. Even the crappy ones. Find her @anna_turrell