On The Nickel - Heartattack And Vine [074]

With a warm welcome to this week's guest host Vera Chok, we immediately dive into UNNECESSARY KEY CHANGES, totally unnecessary (albeit pretty amazing) key changes. And Christmas time feels. We also look back at some of the themes that we've discussed throughout the life of this podcast, as well as the freeform improvisation of Canned Heat, and a brief examination of early solo albums of Sting.

Music extracts used for illustrative/review purposes include:
On The Nickel, Heartattack And Vine, Tom Waits (1980)

Fried Hockey Boogie, Boogie With Canned Heat, Canned Heat (1968)

On The Road Again, Boogie with Canned Heat, Canned Heat (1968)

Epic Key Changes, YouTube, Collective Cadenza (2013)

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