Mr. Siegel - Heartattack And Vine [075]

Sam and Martin welcome back Vera for another track from Heartattack & Vine, this week with 200% more jangly piano. We also welcome the contribution of listener Mike Smith, chipping in not only thoughts about Mr. Siegal but also the anthemic "so long luv" stylings of the east-end's finest. We get to compare some of the orchestral choices of both performers, as well as the brutality of Waits's lyrics and point of view.

Music extracts used for illustrative/review purposes include:
Mr. Siegal, Heartattack And Vine, Tom Waits (1980)

Ain't No Pleasing You, Mustn't Grumble, Chas & Dave (1982)

Yes, The Sound Of McAlmont And Butler, McAlmont & Butler (1995)

Clip from Abandon Ship, dir./wr. Richard Sale (1957)

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