Hang On St. Christopher - Franks Wild Years [126]

SONG BY SONG SEASON ELEVEN, WOOP-WOOP! After the epic 4+ month journey through Rain Dogs, Martin and Sam settle in for a nice light 17-track palette-cleanser… see you in August everyone… For this opening track we discuss the way that an unusual arrangement turns a straightforward 12-bar blues into something denser, the nature of wanderlust in music and how tricky it is to talk about a stage show you’ve never seen.

Music extracts used for illustrative/review purposes include:
Hang On St. Christopher, Franks Wild Years, Tom Waits (1987)

Hard Travelin', The Asch Recordings vol. 3, Woodie Guthrie (1940s/1999)

Don't Let The Devil Ride, Sweeping Through The City, The Fantastic Mississippi Nightingales (1974/2010)

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