Season Two - The Heart of Saturday Night... any minute now

Hey folks! Thanks to everyone who came along to our listening parties for Closing Time and The Heart of Saturday Night - we had a lovely time pretending to be radio DJs and talking over the best bits, hope everyone listening along appreciated how intrusive we were.

A brief note to let you know that we spent this afternoon recording for Season two, The Heart of Saturday Night, so will be releasing episodes into the wild on a weekly basis very very soon - later this week if all goes well.

For this season we'll be joined by some guests, giving us some different perspectives and extra insight, as well as putting us in our place when we lose all sense of perspective.  For the first few tracks, our friend Anna Turrell will be adding her two cents, with other guests lined up for the rest of the season.

Get in touch, let us know whether more listening parties (or viewing parties... anyone up for Down By Law?) would be interesting to people, give us your insights and bugbears on upcoming tracks, and as ever point out to us how wrong we are about everything on twitter or email.

There's a lot of Tom Waits material out there, and we'd like to offer some of our favourite bite-sized chunks - so for your viewing pleasure, have a look at Blank on Blank's animated interview from 1988 which has been doing the rounds, "Tom Waits on Everything and Nothing".  We'll see you soon.