Mailbag Episode #1

Come with us now on a journey through our own history, as we provide a platform for all the listeners who have screamed at their podcatcher "THAT'S NOT WHAT THAT MEANS YOU IDIOTS!" It's our first mailbag episode, featuring comments collected from our email, twitter and facebook about episodes as far back as series one. Discussion includes everything from Danish lyrics, Kathy Bates, tit-tape, Stewart Lee, the music of Burundi, irony in the work of the Beastie Boys, rock-climbing nomenclature and horn blowing. Truly a kaleidoscope of Song by Song. And we'll be back in a couple of weeks with the beginning of Franks Wild Years!

Music extracts used for illustrative/review purposes include:
Rosie, The Pursuit Of Happiness, The Beat Farmers (1987)

Lyrics for Fyn Er Fin as provided by listener Mats Ahlin (Note: Fyn is one of the Danish islands):

You can think it's a good sight
To look at the scenery in Midtfyn
When a groomed hooked road
"Stand down and there" No a "
Is there a troll with witch shudder?
And princesses with sexy skin
And they dance wild at night
However, they protect the magic tax
Fyn is nice, Fyn is nice, Fyn is nice.

You can think it's a good sight
When you are a bye and you have seen Funen
Beautiful houses ... island bukke shower
Thy protest singer and a horse contender
Between Store and Lillebælt
We have a crown with circus tents
And we sing and drink at night
We will give you if you want to take it
Fyn is nice, Fyn is nice, Fyn is nice.

To all of you who have only seen Funen
And never been to Midtfyn itself
You must know, you must suffer
And are you blinded with sadness in the mind
And do not know a farm
Then you will be healed in Lundeborg
Because there you sing gently at night
An anthem just like people want it
Fyn is nice, Fyn is nice, Fyn is nice.

Fyn is nice, Fyn is nice, Fyn is nice
Fyn is nice, Fyn is nice, Fyn is NICE.

Vicky Hancock website
Girls, Licenced To Ill, Beastie Boys (1986)

Fight For Your Right, Licenced To Ill, Beastie Boys (1986)

End of Harry's Law - Kathy Bates sings Take Me Home

Take Me Home, One From The Heart (outtake), Tom Waits (1982)

Frank's Wild Years music video by Solvi Dunn

Climbing video featuring Swordfishtrombone

Climbing video featuring Frank's Wild Years

Chant avec cithare, Burundi: musiques traditionnelles, François Muduga (2015)

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