Cinny’s Waltz - Foreign Affairs [047]

The seemingly endless project continues! With only a bell-tree, a trumpet player and a sense of cinematic mystery to guide them, Martin and Sam return to Tom Waits to discuss his fifth album, Foreign Affairs, beginning with the instrumental track Cinny's Waltz. How the song functions as an opening track, the tone Waits is aiming for, as well as the ideology of the album as a whole are all discussed this week on Song by Song.

Music extracts used for illustrative/review purposes include:
Cinny’s Waltz, Foreign Affairs, Tom Waits (1977)

Closing Time, Closing Time, Tom Waits (1973)

Theme from “To Kill a Dead Man”, B-side of “Sour Times”, Portishead (1994)

To Kill a Dead Man (short film), Portishead (1994)
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