Ruby’s Arms - Heartattack And Vine [076]

Bring out the brass, it's the end of another album and another season of Song by Song. With some pretty serious frustration by our guest host over some of the gender stereotypes presented in this song (as well as our interval track), we bid farewell not only to Heartattack And Vine as well as Vera herself. We also take a little extra time to discuss not just Ruby's Arms, but the walk-away stylings of Matt Monro as well as the album as a whole. Seven seasons guys, we're actually doing this aren't we?!?

Music extracts used for illustrative/review purposes include:
Ruby’s Arms, Heartattack And Vine, Tom Waits (1980)

Softly, As I Leave You, Single, Matt Monro (1962)

… and in memory of Robert Bruce Banner…

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