The Cotton Club (film, dir. Coppola, 1984) [F03]

Martin & Sam welcome back friends of the show Simon Renshaw and Sam Clements to have a little chat about Coppola's jazz-odyssey The Cotton Club. There's some real difficulties for all four hosts with this one, although there are some standout scenes which seem to generate a little more enthusiasm; from the dancing of Gregory Hines, the crosscutting of dance-numbers and train stations, and the horse-drawing of Bob Hoskins.

Music extracts used for illustrative/review purposes include:
The Cotton Club trailer, via YouTube (dir. Coppola, 1984)

Ill Wind, from The Cotton Club, Lonette McKee (1984)

"This is the Hoofers Club", from The Cotton Club via YouTube (1984)

Gregory Hines talks about The Huggies from Muppets Take Manhattan, via YouTube (1984)

Nicolas Cage breaks down his most iconic characters | GQ, via YouTube (2018)