San Diego Serenade - The Heart of Saturday Night [014]

Season two continues! We press on into The Heart of Saturday Night, joined for another episode by Anna Turrell, and there's a certain amount of disagreement over the value of this track, in terms of content, style and arrangement. The universality of the love song, the formulaic nature of lyrics and the unavoidable truth that this is all just Space and Time man - they're all raised, discussed and ultimately forgotten.

As always, comment and input are gratefully received, either through twitter, email, soundcloud or as a comment right here on the blog - especially relating to tracks 5-8 (Diamonds On My Windshield; The Heart of Saturday Night; Fumblin' With The Blues; Please Call Me, Baby) - we're recording this weekend, tell us what we should be listening out for.

Music extracts used for illustrative/review purposes include:
San Diego Serenade, The Heart of Saturday Night, Tom Waits (1974)

November Rain, Use Your Illusion I, Guns and Roses (1991)

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