One From The Heart - Song by Cinemile special [077]

Here we are with season 8, and it's going to be a little different. One From The Heart is kind of a unique object in the Tom Waits canon, so we've determined to treat it in a unique way. Welcome to... Song by Cinemile! A crossover episode between ourselves and the good folks of the Cinemile podcast (fellow winners at the British Podcast Awards this summer).

Since One From The Heart is so tied to the film of the same name, to talk about one without the other seemed problematic, so for the next two weeks we will have some special episodes dealing with the film, and then the music, in close relation to each other.

Hopefully you’ll join us on this slight diversion from our format, as we wander both through Las Vegas of the 1980s as well as Weybridge of the 2010s, as Martin and Sam are joined by Dave and Cathy to discuss one of the infamous film objects of cinema history.

And as for next week… hoo-boy!

Music extracts used for illustrative/review purposes include:

One From the Heart Original Soundtrack, Tom Waits/Crystal Gale (1982)

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