That's The Way / The Briar & The Rose - The Black Rider [211/212]

Charlie Harding returns for this two-for-one special, listening to this twinned and linked pair of songs by Burroughs and Waits. With more talk of the endless foreshadowing as well as some comparisons to Shakespearian themes in pop music, Sam, Martin & Charlie think about the extra text for That’s The Way, the validity of biographical shout-outs, and the symbolism of neon shotguns.

Music extracts used for illustrative/review purposes include:
That's The Way, The Black Rider, Tom Waits (1993)

The Briar & The Rose, The Black Rider, Tom Waits (1993)

That's The Way / The Briar & The Rose at 28m36s from The Black Rider: The Casting of the 12 Magic Bullets (filmed at the Weiner Festwochen, via YouTube), Wilson/Burroughs/Waits (1990)

Love Story, Fearless, Taylor Swift (2008)

Cruel To Be Kind, When Did We Do That?, Letters To Cleo (2008/1999)

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