One From The Heart OST [078 - 091]

Welcome back to Song by Song, and the second of our season 8 episodes dealing with Waits's Original Motion Picture Soundtrack One From The Heart.

We discussed a lot of ideas for this album, different approaches to it, different ways of dealing with the music and the film in combination, but as we discussed last week, the music is so inextricably tied to the film that to talk about the album in isolation wouldn't really be satisfying to either of us.

The rules we set ourselves for this podcast were "studio albums"... but we bent those rules a little for Nighthawks, we'll probably bend them again for Night On Earth, Orphans and maybe a couple of other places too. But there's also a remit to our show - we agreed to talk about each track in sequence, song-by-song (everybody drink), and with a few bonus track exceptions, that's what we've done.

So, to balance these various ideas, we present a condensed Season 8 - the next 14 episodes combined into one easy-to-swallow dose. It's Song by Song, as we agreed, and hopefully you'll understand why we've chosen to approach this album in this way.

So strap in, grab a stopwatch, and we'll see you in just a couple of weeks for Season 9 and Swordfishtrombones.

Martin & Sam

Music extracts used for illustrative/review purposes include:

One From the Heart Original Soundtrack, Tom Waits/Crystal Gale (1982)

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