Heartattack And Vine - Heartattack And Vine [068]

So here we are in season seven. Thanks for coming back, pull up a chair why dontcha and take a load off, we're just going to talk about Tom Waits for a bit. This week on Song by Song, Martin and Sam are joined by professional podcaster and Martin's landlord Andy Zaltzman, as well as first-time podcaster and landlord's wife Miranda Zaltzman, for some discussion of the birth names of blues artists, portfolio careers available in Hollywood circa 1980 and, of course, Benny Hill. 

Music extracts used for illustrative/review purposes include:
Heartattack And Vine, Heartattack And Vine, Tom Waits (1980)

Heartattack And Vine, Best of the Bizarre Sessions (1990-1994), Screamin' Jay Hawkins (2000)

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