The Ghosts of Saturday Night - The Heart of Saturday Night [023]

The final track of Tom Waits's second album finds us peering through the window of a diner, watching the world passing by. Isy Suttie continues her stint as guest host, describing some of her early experiences playing music in Matlock, through to her current listening habits; Martin expresses his difficulties with Best Of albums and Heart of Saturday Night as a concept album; and Sam generates a conspiracy-theory-esqe thesis about this final track's links to previous songs. But is this the end of season two? Or is there one last twist in the tale?

[Disclaimer: This episode was recorded before the death of the peerless David Bowie]

Music extracts used for illustrative/review purposes include:
The Ghosts Of Saturday Night (After Hours At Napoleone's Pizza House), The Heart of Saturday Night, Tom Waits (1974)

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