Song by Song is GO!

It's finally here! The first steps of our journey through the Tom Waits recorded canon. And guess what: it's all here. Season one, the entirety of our podcasts on Closing Time, his 1973 debut album, released in one go.

Now, we've been a little rough on Closing Time - and after all, it's not like we're doing any better - so to give it a celebration, we're going to have a little listening party. On October 10th, from 7pm UK time, tune in via the below link (which we will share on Twitter and Facebook) and we will listen to the record and have a live chat about the album and about the show.

Oh, and another date for your diary: on October 17th, we will be having another listening party for The Heart of Saturday Night, in advance of the new season - so make sure you tune in and tell us your thoughts and feelings on this record before we hit "record" for season two of Song by Song.