To educate us all on the history of the Brat Pack, Sam & Martin welcome Kevin Smokler to take a look at Coppola's adaptation of S.E Hinton's coming of age novel, The Outsiders. While Kevin educates us as to the historical and social context of this story, we also debate the success of the scoring choices, try to chart Coppola's creative/commercial rise and fall, and get confused about fires in schoolhouses or churches.

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Music extracts used for illustrative/review purposes include:
The Outsiders trailer, via YouTube (dir. Coppola, 1983)

Stay Gold, The Complete Stevie Wonder, Stevie Wonder (1983/2005)

… and check out Kevin's book Brat Pack America: A Love Letter to '80s Teen Movies at Amazon or Amazon UK, or perhaps at your local brick-and-mortar bookseller.