Bonus episode #1 for season six sees us visiting Waits's first foray into film, with this track from the Paradise Alley soundtrack. Kit, Sam and Martin discuss his use/reuse of music, the image of women in his songs and the possibilities in their re-interpretation.

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Music extracts used for illustrative/review purposes include:
Annie’s Back In Town, Paradise Alley OST, Tom Waits (1978)

Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis, New Coat Of Paint, Neko Case/Tom Waits (2000)

and for extras: Kentucky Avenue (play this alongside the youtube "Annie's Back In Town" for musical comparison)

(Meet Me In) Paradise Alley, Paradise Alley OST, Tom Waits (1978)

Paradise Alley, dir. Sylvester Stallone (1978)

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